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Our Story

Another Day Harm Reduction is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization tax-exempt organization based in the state of New Hampshire. Through utilization of nonjudgmental peer support & evidence-based strategies, our community-based organization was established with the goal of providing harm reduction through delivery of life-saving supplies & education to those struggling with houselessness, people who use drugs (PWUD), & other low-income demographics.


Another Day Harm Reduction connects communities to harm reduction tools, education, food/water, and other life-saving resources. We are proud to be a part of the Syringe Service Program list recognized by the state of New Hampshire. ADHR is grateful to work with many amazing organizations and is in partnership with Harm Reduction Circle and ARCNH.

From Our Founder

In her active substance use (as most substance abuse suffers & family experience), Shannon Beaulieu caused a lot of stress on her family, specifically her mother. Shannon could not put even a week of sober time together or even make it through a 5-day inpatient detox without leaving early. Shannon being an only child & her moms best friend, terrified her mother. When Shannon after years of use finally was able to find sobriety, she was overwhelmed with guilt. Her mother had stuck by her & was very much a huge component of Shannon’s recovery. A lot had happened & Shannon’s guilt was very much justified & earned. She went to her mother in tears, & asked “How will I ever repay you and make things right?”.  Her mother paused a second, looking Shannon in the eyes, her mother replied “All I will ever want from you is another day.” That is all she ever asked for. She just wanted her daughter back. If only every person, homeless or addicted had that support.


Shannon founded Another Day Harm Reduction in hopes of being that support that’s missing when we speak on the issues of homelessness, poverty, & substance abuse. All in hopes that we give everyone the best chances of seeing another day.

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